Powder coating uses a dry powder and requires baking in an oven at 400 degrees or higher. During this hot curing process, the powder melts slightly to provide a smooth, thick, hard finish. The Rims have to be completely sandblasted stripped of any old paint or coating and etched using proper media. 99% of the time when powder is baked on top of old finishes the old finish will not tolerate the high temperature and will "fracture" under the powder then the powder coated finish will come off very quickly even though at first it looks really good. We ALWAYS sandblast it down to metal for every powder coating job.  

To clean this type of coating simply wash your car and when you do also wash the rims with the same soap the dirt should glide right off.

To maintain its shine once a year clean it off really good and give it a wax. 

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Cracks Bends Sandblasting & Others  (If no refinishing)

416 321 2899

Tig Welding Cracks $99-$150
Straightening Rims $99-$150
Sandblasting only $50-$100/Rim
Bead Lathe Cutting $50/rim
Bead sandblasting $25/Rim

Tire Mounting and balancing Starting at $60

We can paint OR Powder coat other parts that may fit in our booth and oven well such as fenders, bumpers, Lips, Spoilers, Calipers (Caliper must come in bare) Mounts, Valve Covers, Brackets .... ect

Powder Coating starting at $500  

1) Whole rim Sandblasted to Metal

​2) Rashes Tig Welded


4)Electrostatic Powder Coated

5)High Temp Bake


$500/Set Deal includes:
Gloss Matte or Satin Black or White
Satin Gold
Satin Bronze
Gloss Lazer Bronze
Satin Bronze Gold
Satin gunmetal
Gloss gunmetal
Gloss purple
Gloss blue
Gloss teal
& WAY MORE! (Single Stage Colors only)

Price is with tires off +$50 to dismount remount and rebalance

Please inquire with your color choice to info@eurospot.ca or call 416 321 2899

​Colors can be chosen from www.emeraldcoatings.com

Or any website of your choice

​+$50 Set of 4  if tires are on (We will remove and reinstall & balance the tires after  powder coating baking. We will not damage the finish from mounting the tires or balancing.