We can do any color.. Matt, Satin, Metallic, Pearl, Gloss, Super Gloss or Pick a color code! They are all same price!

The rim will get Primer (Which will remove minor imperfections and chips, Wheel Paint base coat, 2k Clear coat (2 Layers)

*****No Appointment necessary if you are bringing just the rims to us. You will get them back in 2 days MAX

*****Please Call ahead if you are planning on leaving the car with us.


Professional Rim Restoration & Painting services

Please NOTE we have moved locations
Our new location is 

3596 St Clair Ave E Unit #3, Scarborough
ON M1K 1M2 (Midland and St Clair) 
416 321 2899

What's the most popular color you ask?

Well Shiny Black... But what kind of black?

Theres Jet Black (Which is just black with no flakes in it) & Metallic flake Black

For Metallic/Pearl Black we can customize mix it for you at NO additional cost! You can choose what color flakes you want to add to the black color. We can mix any combination of flakes!

Example. If you wanted Red flakes with a Black finish. The Rim would look black but in the sunlight you would see the red flakes shine kind of like glitter.

#1 Asked question DURABILITY!

Our finish LASTS and YES you can use it in the winter time. We use the SAME paint as what you would use for Auto body... So the front bumper of your car... your hood... the finish is as strong as that. We also prep the rims up properly (Degreasing, Sanding, Priming)

We offer 6 months warranty with all our work, If something on our end went wrong bring it back and we will re-do them for you.

Please note prices are changing Jan 2nd Midnight

$200 for 4 Rims Painted ANY Color without tires on 
($250 starting Jan 3rd)

$290 for 4 Rims Painted ANY Color with tires on 

($340 starting Jan 3rd)

$390 for 4 Rims if you are leaving the car with us
($440 starting Jan 3rd)

(Your car will be stored INDOORS with security camera & alarm overnight) We can give you the car back either the same day if you bring it when we open, Or next morning if you bring it in the afternoon.


Curb Rash Repair $10-$50 Per rim 

Plasti Dip removal $50/Rim

Peeling Paint $10-$50 Per Rim

Corrosion $10-$100/Rim

2-Tone color $$$  (PLEASE INQUIRE)

Caliper Painting (PLEASE INQUIRE)

Pricing subject to change at anytime (This offer is current and updated Aug 15th if pricing changes we will immediately update our website)

If you want to just repair 1 or 2 rashed rim we can still do that but it is recommended to paint all 4 to get the color & clear coat's new shine to match the rest of the rims. We will still do our BEST to match it 99.9%.

Please Call to inquire!